Mario Badioli


Mario Badioli is one of the most intense and innovative contemporary glass artists in Murano. His work honours the ancient tradition of artistic glass work on the island. Badioli is equally renowned for the modern touch he gives to all of his glass creations (such as the famous Picasso heads).

Over the past century, Murano glass artists have experimented extensively to discover new ways to shape glass. Mario Badioli has crossed new artistic frontiers in working with sand and fire to create a new universal language of glass. His artistic creations bring imagination to life with spectacular colours and forms.

Mario Badioli began his career in the early 1950s, in a furnace on Murano. The ancient world of glassmaking, the secrets, the mystery and the creative atmosphere hypnotized the young Badioli.
To master the art of making glass became not only a profession, but a pure passion. It allowed him to give shape to his emotions, working with the fluid glass, and expressing joy and love in each gesture.

Mario Badioli began to produce unique pieces in small quantities that reflect not only his vision, but his clients’ understanding. He therefore perfected a particular method for applying colour, with “schiaffi” and “gocce”, drips and drops, of colour. He is thus able to “paint” his pieces in a truly unique way.