Historic notes

A superb example of the great centuries-long glass tradition of Murano, the Vetreria Franco Schiavon was founded in the early 1950s and soon became one of the most important on the island, thanks to the superior artistic level and excellence of the collections produced in its furnaces.

Our gallery will help you find those “One-of-a-Kind Pieces” to decorate the home, collect, or satisfy your taste for art.


Scansione0003 In our furnace, glass is still made like it was by our fathers and forefathers. Our creations are the products of history, of a trade that passes down its secrets from father to son, secrets that make it possible to know and learn the difficult traditional manual gestures that lead to the creation of these exclusive hand-crafted products.
Scansione0004 Over the years the spaces and equipment have evolved and modernized, adapting to the new standards required by law, but the tools have remained unchanged over the centuries: the metal blowpipes, the tweezers, the “scanio” (the wooden bench at which the maestro works) and the kiln… but most of all, the skilled hands of our masters who have inherited the ability to make the artistic glass that is renowned and appreciated around the world.
Scansione0004 Even in today’s globalized world, our highly skilled artisans continue to pursue their noble activity … the magic of clear glass, the fantasy of colours, the originality of the murrine, the creativity and virtuoso performances of the Maestros who shape and give life to unique, extraordinary works that are in great demand everywhere.

The company, under the guidance of its founder Franco Schiavon and his daughter Annarita, offers the precious and unique quality of its glass products, the vast assortment, the large and prestigious showroom, the delicate courtesy and professional sales approach, the Venetian spirit, the love for Venice and its traditions, the bonds with art, culture and this truly unique city.

L’arte del Vetro di Murano

Centrato l’obbiettivo d’esprimere il talento di questi artisti, la nostra azienda vuole essere un punto di riferimento per tutti i nuovi giovani che desiderano uno spazio di visibilità privilegiato a scopo di farsi conoscere ed apprezzare a livello mondiale dai collezionisti.