Franco Schiavon


franco-schiavonFranco Schiavon belongs to the latest generation of Murano glass makers.
The distinguishing trait of this master is his constant and renewed interest in the time-honored Venetian glass-making tradition.
A Master currently working in Murano, who will hopefully pave the way for many more, the name Franco Schiavon is known for the great enthusiasm that he brings to the projects he shares with designers and artists, putting his outstanding workmanship and brilliant technique at the service of a personal taste and aesthetic vision that are growing day by day.

Franco Schiavon belongs to a Murano family with a long-standing glassmaking tradition, which has achieved a distinctly superior level of quality, especially in the course of the past fifty years.
His father Alfio trained in various Murano glass factories before establishing his own furnace in the 1950s. He poured all the technical know-how and artistic sensibility he developed during his long apprenticeship into the production of his furnace.
Born in 1941, Franco Schiavon began working glass at the age of twelve. He was awarded the qualification of Maestro, master glassmaker, at age of 30, but that did not stop him from continuing to refine his workmanship. His skills and technical know-how now allow him to create not only works of exceptional size, but remarkably delicate blown glass as well, ranging from vases to sculptures, from abstract pieces to figurative art.

Over the years, the Franco Schiavon glass factory has become famous for the superior level of its production and the chromatic range of the pure and bright colors of its glassware.
These qualities have attracted many famous designers to the factory, who have chosen this as the furnace in which to create their projects.
He is not influenced by designers when he plans his works, even though he regularly collaborates with them. When asked, he can interpret their projects perfectly, as testified by the waterfall-vase by Senju Hiroshi, the ice-cooler by Kojitani Hiroshi, the Funtime’s Cup & Bamboo collection by Tsuchida Yasuhiko and last but not least, the glass installations by Masuda Hiromi.