Lino Tagliapietra


lino-tagliapietraAn exceptional glass master, he is well known around the world as a glass artist. He was born in Murano and was just a young man when he first entered a glass furnace: he became a Maestro, a master glassmaker, in the 1950’s and has worked for some of the most prestigious glass factories on the island.

Beginning in the late 1960s, his creative work has produced pieces of great technical and aesthetic beauty, that brought him significant success on the market. He has been an independent glass artist since 1990 and is now committed to creating unique pieces that are exhibited in the most prestigious private collections and museums worldwide.
In 2009, the Tacoma Art Museum dedicated a retrospective to his works in an exhibition that later travelled to other US museums.
In 2011, the Istituto Veneto dedicated an exhibition to his work, entitled “Lino Tagliapietra, da Murano allo Studio Glass”.