Orsola Mainardis

Orsola Mainardis,designer for jewelry and fashion accessories,lives and works in Venice.
After years of working in the tourism sector she created her first jewel just for fun,thus realizing a dream:to work in a creative field such as jewelry and fashion accessories.

As a curious and acute observer she believes in CREATIVITY as an absolute value,malleable and adaptable to any area that calls for the birth of new ideas,and she believes in CHANGE as the opportunity to evolve,improve and put oneself at stake.

CREATIVITY:is the major element for the brand that bears her name,she plays with the light of crystals and Murano glass giving rise to an “infinite” mingle of links and forms intertwining with one another.

In 2013 Orsola applies her accessories to purses giving origin to CLUTCH TIMELESS the two worlds:jewels and purses that unite in a single precious object having a comfortable and elegant design.

The point of the collections ORSOLAMAINARDIS is to support an often too dynamic life style,that causes one to come across different events within the space of one day without giving the time for a change of clothes.