Gianluca Vidal


Gianluca Vidal was born in Venice on July 1, 1976. At the early age of 14, he began to work with glass at the Studio Vetreria DP, on the island of Murano, where he studied with Maestro Imperio Rossi. Two years later, he decided to move to the Effetre International glass factory. As the youngest glass worker in the studio and under the tutelage of the masters at Effetre, Gianluca began to learn the most difficult glass techniques and his talent as a glassmaker began to emerge.
Gianluca has worked over the years with many of the most important Master glassmakers on Murano, such as Afro Celotto, Silvano Molin, Luciano Pavanello, Giancarlo Tagliapietra and Dino Vio. It was then that he earned the nickname “Crema”, a tribute to his natural talent at shaping glass as smoothly as cream.
In 2000, working at the Schiavon Artistic Glass Factory, he once again had the opportunity to work with the great Maestro Afro Celotto, whom he had also known at Effetre. One year later, after perfecting the techniques of filigrana, mosaico and murrine, he decided to open a new studio with Afro Celotto and Carlo Tagliapietra. In 2009, when Afro Celotto left the studio, Gianluca was able to express his own talents and energy in his new furnace.