I Nostri Clienti Ringraziano

Dear Franco,
We received the stunning “Canoa” today and it is in perfect condition. I must compliment your staff on a superb packing of the piece.
But most importantly the good news is it arrived safely and looks absolutely beautiful.
Thank you very much. We hope to return to Venice and will definitely return to your studio.
Best regards
Nicholas van Drimmelen.
10 November 2017

Dear Franco and Anna
The shipment was delivered unscathed!!! Each piece was packaged with the utmost care and attention.
We have fitted the chandeliers. To say they look exquisite is an understatement. They are beautiful no doubt the showpiece in our living room!!! I look forward to entertaining my guests starting with this coming Christmas.
Thank you very much. I shall be back to personally say thank you to the whole team. Dani is an asset to the business!!!

Kind regards
Mrs Vimbayi Martha Odunlami
27 November 2017

Dear Anna & Franco Schivon:
Our order was received in fine condition last Wednesday (one day late). I did not have a chance to unpack it until Friday and it took all week end to carefully unpack.
We finally inspected the shipment and it was in good condition. We were amazed at the careful and professional packing that you did (the packing was a work of art unto itself!).
We finished the installation of the piece yesterday evening (20Nov17, Mon).
It is a beautiful and amazing work of art and just as we had wished it to be! Simple, elegant with rich and vibrant colors. In addition to the glass work itself the enclosed supporting stand & light fixture are very well designed and adds to the visual appearance of the glass art.
We have decided to re-title the name of the piece to Red Orb in Blue Disc – 2017 with your permission.
We want to thank you and Miss Christine, everyone at Franco Schiavon Glass and the artists involved in our project. We are sincerely appreciative of all of your fine efforts and your beautiful work. Ordering a custom piece of art from half-way around the world takes a leap of faith, but you came through for us in a very professional manner. We are very pleased.

We wish you a very Merry Christmas and happy holiday season!

Stephen & Patricia Massey
San Francisco
21 November 2017

Merci de votre message. Le vase nous est bien parvenu, en parfait état.
Nous lui cherchons le meilleur emplacement et vous enverrons une photo.
Bien sincèrement,

Natalia et Denis Hostettler
11 October 2017

We just received the shipment. Everything was ok; packaging was very good. The vase is so beautiful! Thanks for sending the the artist’s biographies and detailed information on how each of
the pieces were made.
I very much enjoy the color book of Luca Vidal’s beautiful glasswork. It is an honor for us to own a piece of his work.

Grazie mila!
14 October 2017

Dear Franco
Thank you for all your help with the shipment of the glasses
The Glasses arrived in perfect condition
They are beautiful

Thank you
Kind regards
Susan Diver
1 October 2017

Dear Sir or Madam,
As you may already be aware, I just wanted to confirm that the parcel has been delivered.
Many thanks for your service and your fantastic glass art.

Kind regards from Germany
Holger Mlynek
1 October 2017

Hello Anna,
Thank you so much for the congratulations for my wife’s birthday.
She was very happy and had a perfect birthday party.
I couldn’t give her a better present. She is very happy.
Now we’re gonna put it on a special place in our home.
Thank you for your cooperation and good services.
Everything went well and is was delivered on time.
I’m very pleased with that.

Best regards
Met vriendelijke groet, Kind regards,
Huisman Etech Experts BV
30 September 2017

Thank you for your assistance.
We will recommend you to our friends that may travel to your amazing island to visit.

27 September 2017

Dear Mr. Schiavon,
We have well received the package. Everything is in good shape.
Thank you very much for the nice service.

Best regards,
Michel Roovers
7 September 2017

Dear Schiavon
I received the parcel from Murano on september 2 2017. The condition of “Venetian glass” was good, I was happy to see it.
I would like to put it on reception desk of my medical clinic.

Best regards
Teishi Kajiya
from Kobe Japan
1 September 2017

Mr Shiavon,
Thank you very much for your help. Was a pleasure being your client. I will recomend you to my friends and acquaintances.

Andres Felipe Namen
9 September 2017

Dear Vetreria Franco Schiavon
We received our glass today in perfect condition.
Thank you very much for all you assistance, we will enjoy have this in our home

Sue and Murray Howson
Albany, WA Australia
9 September 2017

My beautiful dish arrived on Monday and it was in perfect condition.
It looks wonderful and I am so pleased with it.
I hope to return in the near future and maybe purchase a matching piece.

Thank you so much.
Carol Bailey
21 July 2017

Dear Anna
The glasses arrived in wonderful condition. They were packed so well. What a thrill it was to unwrap each unique one.

Your selection was perfect and will be greatly admired at our party this week.
We all will cherish our glasses and our experience with you and Silvia.

Thank you so much,

Amelia Brown

Sales Department Schiavon Franco
Today, I received the glasswork I purchased on October 17th 2016 entitled “CROW”. #15
Your packing of the art work was superb! I know we will enjoy this for many years to come. It was a pleasure to have met the wonderful people at Franco Schiavon Gallery and I know our friends will all enjoy seeing your artwork in our home. We have it setting in a special place so everyone can see it as they enter our home.
As a reminder, I also look forward to having the VAT returned to my credit card account now that I have received the art work.
Should I travel to Venice again, I will plan to return to your fine gallery.
Thank you so much for your assistance.
Oral Carper

Dear Franco Schiavon,
My family received your chandelier.
The parcel arrived absolutely fine. The parts were very good packed and weren’t damaged.
Thank you very much for flawless delivery. I appreciate your approach and I am looking forward, in future we will choose next chandeliers and more things to our house.
Of course we will pleasure, when we will buy next your products in future. Your products are really beautiful and elegant.
Once more thank you for deliver of beautiful chandelier and hope, we see you in future again.
Wish you the best.
Best Regards
Petr Drahonovsky

Many thanks for the prompt delivery of our beautiful base.
Your service is excellent and the vase has received many compliments and gives us a great deal of pleasure. We thought you might like to see it in situ.

Kind regards
Chris and Lynda Robey

Good evening Mr Schiavon,
Sail boat has been received yesterday in perfect state.
It is an awesome piece of art and we are so happy with this purchase…
The box and packaging you made were very impressive and really professional.Thanks again!
We will be very pleased to deal with you again in the future.

Have a nice weekend.
Best regards
JBaptiste & Aleksandra

Good evening Mr Schiavon,
This is to let you know that I received my Visa statement, and was pleased to see the credit for the VAT Tax for the chandelier that I purchased this past May from your shop.
I am enjoying the beautiful chandelier, and the compliments from all who see it.
Thank you.
Mrs. D. Remenick

Good evening Mr Schiavon,
Dearest Anna,

I just received the glass lamp that Vicki and I purchased
from you last month, to say it’s absolutely gorgeous would be a major understatement.
I can’t thank you enough for your help with choosing this lamp and of course
the help you provided us with the shipping information.
Please thank your associates as well, and I promise you that when next we’re in Venice we will make a point of coming back to thank you again, this time it will be in person!

Again, many thanks, and
best regards…

David & Vicki Lederman


Today is October 26, 2006 and I have received my replacement
pieces for my beautiful chandelier. The Chandelier is in my foyer and my art disc and the figurines are proudly displayed in my living room. Your store is beautiful and I look forward to returning soon. I work for Delta Airlines and everyone headed toward Venice will hear about your shop.
Thanks again for the Good Service

Dear Anna,

My tiger arrived yesterday, looking as stunning as the day I first saw him. He was certainly packed very well indeed.

And I am very glad that we came to your gallery and saw all the exquisite sculptures. They are truly amazing. We hope to return to Venice in the future and will certainly visit you.
It was a pleasure to meet you, Anna, as well as Mr. Schiavon. And I thank you for all your assistance in getting my beautiful tiger to me safely.

Many thanks again.

Dear Franco Schiavon Gallery,

Thank you for your time & advice today. In particular, for your kindness to our children. We are excited about the 2 glass ceiling lights and look forward to having them installed in our home in New York.

Thank you & ciao!
Best regards / Viele Grüße,

Dear Mr. Schiavon,
The chandelier arrived safe and sound in Los Angeles last week. Today — Chinese New Year’s Day — the glasses arrived here in Honolulu, also perfectly safe.
Thank you very much for the care you took. Not only are you impressive artists, you are also excellent in business.
Aloha and Mahalo,
Takashi Matsuoka

Dear Anna, thank you so much for the information on the bowls. We are looking forward to installing them and lighting them. They will look great!
Judy and Joe

I just spoke with UPS and they are scheduled to have it delivered, they also stated that we don’t have to pay any taxes on items shipped from Italy.
I wish we would have known that because I wouldn’t have caused so many problems for you guys. I would just like to apologize for all the confusion and frustration that we may have caused your company. You really have gone out of your way to make this happen and we really do appreciate it.

Again, Thank you for all your help
Danielle Smith

My piece of glass arrived the day that your E-mail arrived telling me it was
on its way. It arrived in perfect condition.

Thank you.
Vicki Wegener

Egregio Signore Franco

Con queste due righe la ringrazio della sua collaboratione e facio sapere con piaciere que le due sculture sono piaciute molto (ac. foto con il vincitore Viktpor Röthlin Svizzera con un recordo nuovo svizzero 2:09.56).

Cordiali saluti
Erich Ogi

Ms Schiavon, We received the extra beads and three tumblers intact on April 17th. Thank you very much for everything! Our 7 and 5 yer old boys have heard us talk fondly of Venice often. Now they are asking when they can visit! They want to see the people who made the glasses they drink their morning orange juice from. They also wonder how the chandelier which now hangs over their dining table was made.Hopefully we shall return with them in a couple of years. When we do, we shall be certain to visit your store in Murano.

Thanks again! Knox and Madeline Kerr

Dear Ms. Schiavon,
Thank you. I received your shipping information and will await arrival of our purchase.
Please have a wonderful New Year.

Dear Anna,
Thank you so much for your help in this matter. I am very glad and
surprised that you were not on vacation. Incredibile! I wrote to UPS yesterday as you suggested and this morning they have already called me to say that they will be sending me a refund check in the mail in about two weeks.
I am very impressed by your professionalism. I have a villa in
Florence so return often to Italy. I am considering starting an import
business of Italian products. Perhaps we will be able to do some
business in the future.

Thanks again for your help. Jan Dempsey

Dear Sir/Madame,
Yesterday I called You and talked to a lovely girl named Anna.
For a long time ago, 1982, me and my husband visit your lovely glass factory in Murano.
We felt in love in these (look at the picture) glasses.
You send those glasses, I think four at the time, to:
Stefan Kleen Sweden In 1982 we ordered 12 wineglasses, 12 whiskey/selter glasses and beautiful carafe.
We want to know IF it is possible to order 6 new wineglasses
and 6 new whiskey glasses though 4 wineglasses has been broken

Looking forward to get a price for this.

Ciao Anna,
Just wanted to let you know that our lady arrived safe and sound last week.
She has a place of honor in our front entry. We are working on getting a pedestal and a light that works to show her off in all her colorful splendor.

Best wishes,Sarah and Randy Levine

Everything arrived. The sculptures are in perfect condition and are beautiful.
We have partially unwrapped the chandelier, as we are not yet ready to hang it. It appears to be intact. Thank you

Allen Kindman

We’re pleased to inform you that all pieces arrived today and are absolutely beautiful.
We are very excited to have these spectacular art glass pieces to enjoy in our home for many years to come.
Thank you for your service.

John Hohengarten

Dear Sirs,
BRAVO, the sculpture arrived today in wonderful condition.
As events usually happen, it arrived the day after I sent the query about when it would ship.
The packing was perfect (I have material all over my house).
The sculpture “RIBBON” now is displayed in the front room of my house. Belissimo.
My thanks again to your salesman for working with me and allowing me to own this work of art.

Paul T. Mariano

The glasses arrived a couple weeks ago.
Everything is perfect. Thanks.
I still have not received the information on the
sculpture for my insurance though. Did you send it out?

Matthew Klee

Dear Signora Schiavon

Many, many thanks for the safe delivery of
a most beautiful candle-holder. I am thrilled with it and amazed that it managed to get here from Murano without injury! I would like you to congratulate the glass-worker, craftsman, who has produced such a beautiful piece. It is a wonderful reminder of the lovely holiday I spent with my family celebrating my 60th birthday. I would like to congratulate you all for the team-work necessary to fulfill my order.

Best wishes
Shirley Churchill

Dear Signora Schiavon

I received my glass fishbowl vase without any damage and it looks lovely in our house.
I am writing to you to confirm that you sent in the appropriate
paperwork for my VAT refund of 141.67 euros which should have been credited to my credit card. Please e mail me with confirmation that the transaction has occurred.


Dear Signora Schiavon
The lights arrived yesterday. The are more beautiful than I remembered! Thank you very much!

Stephen Heitzman

Dear Signora Schiavon
We have received the “bottiglia con tappo colore rosso blu ambra” that you so kindly sent us.
We thank you and send our regards,

Antero Ferreira dos Santos

Received yesterday. All intact and looks great in our basement. Thank you so much.


The credit finally came through. Thanks for your help. Keep me posted on any Tsuchy
shows in the U.S.

Ginny Trethewey

Ms Schiavon,
Thank you for your response and the documentation. I just returned from traveling for the last month and wanted to let you know that we appreciate your time on this matter. We were very excited to have the piece and have placed it with our other Nason artwork. As you remember it was a very emotional time for my wife when we were able to find such a piece by Mr Nason.
Thank you for educating us on and clarifying the “sassolino” for us, it will be something we remember as we purchase further artwork.
We look forward to future transactions with you and sincerely hope that you keep us in mind if you acquire any additional pieces by the artist

Thank you,
Brock Jones

Dear Signora Schiavon,
We have received our beautiful glass piece in perfect condition. We are very pleased.
I have enclosed two pictures. The blue of the ocean background has an interesting and delightful effect on the glass.
Your gift of the necklace was a wonderful surprise. It is elegant and a piece I might have chosen for myself.

With great gratitude,
Patricia Vesey-McGrew

Many thanks
The shipment has arrived safely

Yours sincerely
Sue Edwards

Just a note to say my pendant arrived today.
Thank you very much for posting it out to me.
With the bracelet they look great.

Many thanks
Gillian McNaught


We just received the glass pieces that we purchased on 8/3/05 that you shipped us from Italy. They arrived safely.
Thank you for the great packing job.
Hi Anna,
I understand what the charge was now. Thank you for your help! We will be sure to direct our friends who arevisiting Murano to your store.

Best regards,

Simon Frisch U.S

Dear Mr. Schiavon,
I confirm that I received my beautiful ornament today. It was intact and I shall now be the envy of all my friends.
Thank you and I hope to visit your gallery
when I am next in Italy.

Yours sincerely,
Stepanie Pascolutti

Dear Mr. Schiavon;
Today the package arrived here containing the
two lamps you created for us.
The glass is beautiful and will look great in our kitchen.

Thank you,
William Tomlin

We look forward to receiving these lamps and when we enjoy them in our
home every day, it will remind us of Murano and your gallery.

Thank you
Maria Timmons

I am sure you will see both Mike and myself again in the future, and all the pieces will be enjoyed for many years.

Best wishes to you all for a Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year.

Thank you
Sandra and Mike

Dear Annarita !
I got a lamp, thank you very much. It is like the color of the lamp.
I hope in the future to get you more interior items. send me some photos,
vases and other interesting items.

Happy Christmas and Happy New Year! Health, well being and prosperity !

Best regards